Workshop - Release your tension - Trondheim

Workshop - Release your tension - Trondheim

Sigrid Vik, Ella Flor and Victoria Vale would like to invite you in for a three day workshop carefully tailored to cultivate a deep sense of inner safety, acceptance, and love. Together, we will create a safe space for authentic sharing, playful movement, emotional release and self-care practices.

We are asking the question: where do you feel the tension? Is it in your shoulders, hips, or spine? Is it your mind creating blockages? Or might it be your breath?Join a community of like-minded souls on a path of growth and exploration, as we playfully dive into the mysteries of this human experience.

10-12 of November can you join a community of like-minded souls on a path of growth and exploration, as we playfully dive into the mysteries of this human experience.

Day 1 ~ MIND ~ Victoria Vale 🕒 10.november 18:30 - 21:00

Day 2 ~ BODY ~ Sigrid Vik 🕒 11.november 11:00 - 15:00

Day 3 ~ BREATH ~ Ella Flor 🕒 12.november 11:00 - 15:00


Welcome to "RELEASE YOUR TENSION" – a three-day workshop where we work on loosening up and letting go in order to experience and feel more of the ever-present pleasure of our existence, which we all deserve to embrace. It can be easy to lose sight of pleasure during times marked by war, greed, and anger. Indulging in or allowing oneself to be consumed by this energy only serves to straighten the collective pain.

During this workshop, you will participate in a symphony of movement, meditation, deep conversations, and breath-work to acquire the tools and knowledge needed to release your tension and fully embrace the pleasure that life offers.


During this 3-days workshop, expect to:

✨ Play your way into new movements and dance-styles with Sigrid.

✨ Connect and send love to ALL parts of your body

✨ Explore the depths of your being and nurture your connection with Earth/Gaia through guided meditation with Victoria.

✨ Identify your pain body. Observe it. Release it.

✨ Release pain and gain straight through active breath-work with Ella.


You'll take away from this event:

💡 A deep-rooted connection to Earth, intergrating its steadfastness and fertility into your very being.

💡 An understanding of how Earth's teachnings can be practically woven into your daily life.

💡 Tools for how to play music trough your body and release your mind in the process

💡 A fully stretched out and nurtured mind, body & breath


- Water bottle (free refill available)

- Comfortable attire and blanket or yoga mat to sit on

- A journal + pen

🌝Practical info:

WHERE: Lager11, Sluppenveien 11

You can buy food at Lager11, see the menu here: https://favrit.com/nb-no/menu/location/L2BZRJzzmB8

🌬️About your space holders

MIND with Victoria Vale:

@v.i.c.vale is a storyteller. She has worked in art and communication for several years, facilitating festivals and cultural gatherings. She is passionate about how the stories we tell ourselves and our society shape our reality. Victoria's great passion is to promote self-love through community, healing through celebration, and she believes it is through learning and immersing ourselves in the mysteries of Nature that we can find unconditional self-love, meaning and unity.

“I have no answer for how or why, but I know that WHAT I desire to accumulate is this pleasurable, ecstatic, infinite feeling, commonly referred to with the word LOVE.
I am exited to facilitate the opening ceremony for Release your tension!

This crazy life we are living is NOT a competition! It is a cooperation! Our personal suffering is the suffering of the collective. Your personal suffering is the suffering of the collective. If not for yourself, then do it - feel the love - nurture the love - for the WE”

Victoria sees herself as a tool, a facilitator. She has not figured "it" out. It is through interplay and communal presence that we will attempt to fully tap into these sensations together.🌳

BODY with Sigrid Vik

@Sigrid.vik is a true queen of letting loose, give in, and - keeping eye contact 👁️

Now you’ll have the chance to experience a whole day with her unique body workshop.

With 10 years' experience teaching dance and body work, Sigrid is also a trained dancer from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm and the Broadway Dance center in New York.

Since 2018, she has worked with the TA PLASS @ktpvibrationsconcept to explored the connections between the body, self-confidence, and the intricate web of our thought patterns. Through her own practice, she has found techniecs to let go, feed pleasure, freedom and calmness through a carefully selected mix of dance, yoga, breathing and meditation exercises.

~ She's not here to chase perfection, but to help us discover new paths and sensations within our own body

BREATH with Ella Flor

@Ellaflor is a Space Holder, trained yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and Reiki Master, and a loving sister of the nature💓

Breath work is an active meditation technique using a fast-paced 3-part breathing pattern.

Learn how to use breathwork as a tool to change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connect to your intuition, help you access your creativity, and open your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.

This workshop is a dive into the deep ocean. Surrender, trust, and let go of your mind and allow yourself to fully connect with your heart.

*NOTE: this technique can bring you a bit outside of your comfort zone, and if you have heart issues you should consult with your doctor before signing up.

If you got any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at hei@klubbtaplass.no



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